Clash of the Campaigns

FORGET the post-Christmas lull and get ready to cast your vote in this year’s clash of the campaigns; YOU DECIDE.

Multimedia students locked horns today, launching two events aimed at breaking that winter gloom. Tside’s Mardi Gras, which aims to give students one last blow out before exam season – and Why Don’t You? A campaign to bring everyone together ending with a variety of student games all at our very own SU– drinking essential!

Tside’s Mardi Gras will be an event for students to let off some steam and release the shackles of revision before the exam stress engulfs them.

We will embrace the Mardi Gras spirit with masses of colour, beads and some of the craziest costumes going; not to mention that student staple, drinking.

Get ready – journalism students will be showing off carnival traditions and dress sense as they travel around the university collecting donations for our charity partner, Victoria’s Wish which helps children in the North East cope with life-threatening illnesses.

“Is this just another random night out?” I hear you ask. No, as well as the biggest bash this campus has seen, we have a message. Exam stress can ruin university life and we want to help.

You will get the run-down on stress busters and revision aids throughout the campaign, letting you tackle those exams head on, with no worries.

Rival campaign Why Don’t You? Is set and ready to be launched.

Why don’t you get involved…? It’s come to our attention that even we, in our second year, still don’t know most of the people on our course!

So our aim is to bring everyone together, we’ll be showing you how to join certain societies and help you make friends that will last a lifetime.

Our trusty gorilla Hugo will be all over the place this week asking “Why Don’t You join in?!”

For our final and main event we will be hosting a university games night.

What could be better than the SU, a night out with old and new friends, a chance to win some of the most hilarious games and with the bar right in front of you?

But which event is the best? It’s up to you! The winner gets the front page on the next edition of Tside. Get voting now!

Which event is best?

  • Tside Mardi Gras (59%, 60 Votes)
  • Why Don't You? (41%, 41 Votes)

Total Voters: 101

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