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The EU Referendum- A DJ’s view

IN what seems like a lifetime ago, I was a reasonably successful support Disc Jockey. This meant gigs in Europe, a lot.

Now I wasn’t a household name, as I say I was support DJ- by which I mean I was booked to play music for an hour before the big name DJ’s took to the decks.

With the upcoming EU Referendum this could see the UK coming out of Europe, which would have made my job extremely hard.

There would have been a need to apply for employment Visas for every European country I visited. And the list of countries I visited was extensive.

My first European gig was in Berlin, at Melt Festival- an enchanting dance festival held on the outskirts of Berlin at an abandoned colliery. I actually found out about this booking five days before I was due to play. Now if the UK was not part of the EU this just wouldn’t have been feasible.

There is no chance I would have been able to apply for a Visa- no matter how temporary, to work and have it approved in that short amount of time. So from my point a view at the time, being out of the EU would have caused me hassle in terms of my employment.

This would have been exactly the same for any European country I visited to work. With me only being a support DJ I was booked on very short notice as either a stand in or to fill spaces on the line up’s if there were any cancellations.

I played Soundwave festival in Croatia on a weeks’ notice, I was booked to play a small support at a Sonar festival after party in Barcelona. All of these gigs would not have been possible without the UK’s involvement in the European Union.

Now my profession isn’t one of the obvious ones you would think of when thinking about employability struggles in Europe, but it comes with all the same struggles as a regular job.

The North East itself could really face some hardships if the referendum swings towards dropping us out of the EU, with Nissan making backhanded threats about pulling the Sunderland plant. They employ over 5000 people in the North East.

Let’s hope we stick together and the rest of the UK votes the right way.


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