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A Disabled Student Speaks Out Against the Government Cuts

A TEESSIDE university student has hit out against the new Government plans to cut benefits.

Emma and the car she may lose.

Emma Dorée, 19, is under threat of losing her car if she loses her benefits.

As a result, this will effect everything for Emma, including her health and education.

Emma, of Ingleby Barwick, has suffered from severe Rheumatoid Arthritis throughout her body from an early age.

The autoimmune disease effects the joints, in particular her hands, making them inflamed.

This disability makes it difficult for Emma to live an easy everyday life effecting simple tasks such as picking up a cup and drying her hair.

Emma said: ” It makes walking difficult, driving difficult and writing difficult.

“I don’t let it stop me though, I’ always trying to do the same things as everyone else.

I take about 10 different tablets in the morning and just before I go to bed and they all have an effect on me.”

With the cuts already causing havoc throughout the country, Emma risks not being able to get around.

The money that Emma receives aids to pay for a car, to allow her to travel independently without having to rely on others.

Without her car, Emma will have to find other forms of transport to get to and from her important hospital appointments as well as her lectures, which may prove difficult due to her disability.

Emma added: “People don’t realise how much I need that money especially knowing i’m a student as well because I can’t afford to pay for my medicines.

“There’s only so much money and we haven’t got loads of spare money at home.

“I suppose i’d have to get another job to try and help the situation.

Over, 500,000 people will lose their benefits throughout the UK.

In supplementary support for around 116,000 disabled adults in work, they could lose £40 a week.

Petitions and community rallies are being made searching for thousands of signatures to put an end to the cuts.



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  1. Kirsty says:

    We all have to pull our weights. It’s sad but frequent train and bus services do run!

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