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Meet the University’s newest club and it’s chairman


MOHAMMED BAPPA: The table tennis club captain getting involved and playing.

MOHAMMED BAPPA: The table tennis club captain getting involved and playing.


A NIGERIAN who taught himself to play table tennis on his school desk with a homemade bat and ball has now set up the university’s first club for the sport.

MA Mechanical Engineering student Mohammed Bappa started the club this year and it already has more than twenty dedicated members.

Mohammed, 21, said: “From a young age I’ve always played table tennis, I’m from Nigeria where we played on our school desks with self-carved bats, it was good fun and I enjoyed beating my family.

“I just love to play and there wasn’t a club at the Uni when I arrived so I decided to set one up.

“So far we’ve got a great group. It’s not all about winning. We play to improve and to learn how to play against a range of opponents.”

Mohammed is already a skilled player, however he feels that since starting the club he has gotten better.

“There’s a coach that teaches us the basics of the game. He’s currently teaching us how to spin the ball and I’m enjoying learning that,” he added.

“During the summer some friends and I used the SU table and thought it would be good to get others involved.

“The SU supported us to launch this year and offered us a stall during Freshers’ Week. We were voted the best new club by students that week.”

Mohammed is still working towards the club being officially recognised by the SU – which will mean members need to pay fees – which he hopes will happen by the end of this month.

The club will compete in it’s first competition in February in Nottingham.

“I see us competing in local and national tournaments to show our talents and our abilities, I see us improving our Table Tennis while also being able to accept defeat.”

For anyone interested in Table Tennis, as the club goes on there will be many benefits of being a member.

“Firstly the members will go all the way from beginner to expert through coaching, secondly we get our own equipment like our own bats and balls, and thirdly we will get kits with our names on.

“You don’t have to be a brilliant player the more you play the more you improve your skills, you will get to play against people from different backgrounds to help you improve, not to mention it’s a good stress with all the Uni work.”


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