One Life game offers a new take on the survivor horror genre

Mortality in video games isn’t usually an issue, if you die you can usually just respawn from a checkpoint, or restart from your last save point.

ONE LIFE: The perma-permadeath game.

ONE LIFE: The perma-permadeath game.


Some games are a bit harsher but they don’t go as far as One Life. One Life offers a unique mechanic which means that if you die in the game you can NEVER PLAY AGAIN!

This concept offers an interesting take on the typical survival horror game by adding a new level to the players need to survive.

This is coupled with a need for food and water. There is also a need to defend yourself from physical threats such as zombies and even other players.

The defensive aspects of this game has raised some concerns with some members of the community. A youtuber known as Dodger has said: “I would have to make sure I was playing this with people constantly.”

This is because there would be such a skill gap between people who are already good at this genre and people who are just wanting to play the game.

There is also the idea of equipment which you have to consider, because the people who have played from the launch of the game and have managed to survive for a long time will almost definitely have the best equipment, either through picking it up off of dead bodies or from just finding it in the world.

A number of members from the community have agreed that hackers could be a major problem. Hackers have the potential to kill everyone on an entire server, or give themselves the most powerful weapons in the game. However the developers of the game have said that if a player dies due to server lag or hackers they can be revived.

The developers have also said that players will have a lot of control over where they spawn so they can easily meet up with friends and the need for food and water will be manageable.

Unfortunately these features does not mean the game will be any easier. On One Life’s steam Greenlight page, they say: “There will be various kinds of infected with lots of unique abilities.”

This feature among many others distances it from many other games of the same genre such as DayZ and H1Z1. One Life also offers the option to customise a “Battle truck” which is a movable fortress which you can upgrade with defenses and on-board crafting stations.

Though it has been argued by some members of the community that this game should be more like DayZ and H1Z1. In DayZ and H1Z1 you are in a zombie apocalypse and must manage defense, food and water like One Life.

However in these games your desire to survive is directly measured by how long you have survived in the game, because you have gained powerful weapons and equipment and you don’t want to lose them.

This gives players a chance to adapt to the game and learn how the game works. While One Life doesn’t give you a chance to do that it forces you to learn quickly, which may be appealing to some people, but for others it offers a level of difficulty they are not ready for.

This game has been Greenlit on steam, which means it will be coming to steam in the near future. At the moment they have not given a UK price but they have said it will be about $10 which works out as about £6.50.

There are a lot of people who think this is too much and would prefer it to be around $1, just so that for those players who start the game and then instantly die don’t feel like they have wasted money.

I personally will not buy this game, I think it offers an interesting idea and it could be something to look into in around a years time, but I know that I personally will not be able to handle the skill level required to play this game. Though I am sure many people who are experienced with this genre will enjoy this as much, if not more than similar games.

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