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Sunday Girls’ editor talks A Girl from Boro, Issue 3 and the future


MEETING Abi for the first time, I was stunned at how down to earth she was.

Fashionably minimal with a strong head on her shoulders, she laughed as she described Sunday Girl which began as a university final project became a reality when her Instagram started getting major hits.

However Abi recalls her radio interview at BBC Tees as the real turning point, with distribution deals and advertising following soon after. Now Sunday Girl is stocked in retailers nationwide.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Never before seen shots of Issue 3

PHOTOGRAPHY: Never before seen shots of Issue 3

Sunday Girl is designed for women who are ambitious, forward thinking and creative. They dislike gossip mags and ‘celeb’ culture and couldn’t care less about the gap between their thighs. They believe in equality and looks for a magazine to cater that.

Having interned at Vogue and Cosmopolitan, Abi is knowledgeable about the magazine industry and uses that to her advantage.

She said: “I guess my biggest piece of advice for university students is to  intern, intern and intern. Learn from the professionals while you still have all these amazing grants available!”

Despite the recent Girl from Boro scandal, Sunday Girl shows us that Middlesbrough isn’t everything you see or read in the paper. It’s more than that.

When talking Abi declared her pride for her hometown and won’t let any press sway her otherwise.

“My life is pretty kick ass and I’m well on track to achieving my goal, she added.

“I’ve lived in Surrey for 3 years whilst at uni and I was always happy to come home. The girls I met there were no happier than us!”

With Issue 3 hot off the presses she is particularly excited about the latest magazine, picking out her favourite bits and sharing stories from the photoshoots. It’s like her baby and when you think about the creative process that has went behind it, you can understand why.

EDITOR: Abi at the House of Blah Blah Issue 3 launch

EDITOR: Abi at the House of Blah Blah Issue 3 launch

“I wanted this issue to be strong, stronger than the rest anyway. I strived to champion our gender and tackle issues we’re faced with.

“My aim is to make the girls who read feel enlightened and educated by all the strong women featured.

“I want people to understand that we should not only be inspired by women who ruled the world before us, but that we should all rule the world.”

Full of trendy fashion tips, locally sourced models and a launch party to envy all at House of Blah Blah, Abi is planning to source more advertising and sponsors for Issue 4.


issue-3-sunday-girlHowever, even she recognises her downfalls. Finance and admin are the bane of her life, but that’s something that she’s grasping every single day.

It’s that refreshing attitude that’s inspiring to all students and shows young entrepreneurs that, with a little hard work, your idea can be a nationwide success.

It’s that grit that makes Sunday Girl a massive success; we’re looking forward to more editions in the future

You can buy Sunday Girl online or in WHSmiths and Selfridges.

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