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A TEESSIDE student has urged Middlesbrough to back the EU “In” campaign.

Adam Lewandowski was just twelve years old when he moved to Teesside from Poland and says he believes the relationship between Britain and the rest of the EU is crucial to making our economy work.

He said: “Obviously I’m an immigrant so my view on immigration is largely biased but to say that just leaving the EU would be a cure to all problems especially immigration (and therefore inevitably terrorism) really annoys me.

“First of all immigration has been a huge positive for the British economy and in particular the NHS.”

The UK employs up to 3000 foreign doctors each year according to a Guardian study last year.

“Secondly free movement of goods and people is essential to trade- if we want trade agreements with the EU the free movement is non-negotiable. Without it we lose the trade.

“Finally being in the EU allows us to get research funding and share knowledge- from the NHS to things like the Erasmus programme.”

The Erasmus programme is set up to provide education, training and youth work across Europe.

He went on to add: “The UK secured a total of 800 million Euros for research funding in the 2007-2013 EU budget. They’re contributing to cancer research, building medical facilities etc.

“They contribute funding to a massive variety of research programmes. Finally leaving the EU could damage health care access for Britain’s living abroad in EU countries.”

With Lewandowski being an immigrant he linked his points back to the benefits of immigration and the idea that immigration links to terrorism is completely “ridiculous” with him saying: “The link between immigration and terrorism in my experience is hard to prove.


VISITING HOME: Adam returns to Poland each year to see his family.

“Besides tougher immigration controls wouldn’t have prevented say the killing of Lee Rigby because the killers were British citizens- that’s going to be the big problem and it has nothing to do with Europe.”

The EU Referendum takes place on Thursday, June 23rd and every citizen who’s eligible to vote will either select a “Yes” or “No” on their voting ballot.

The outcome will then decide whether or not the UK stays in the European Union, a body of 28 countries who co-operate and work together for “better” outcomes.

Prime Minister – David Cameron, has spoken out about the importance of staying in the EU, whereas many of his party (conservatives) have gone against their leader, most notably London mayor Boris Johnson, and promoted Britain’s exit.

Lewandowski finished by saying: “Being part of the EU makes the UK a much more significant player internationally- there’s a reason why Barack Obama, the PM of New Zealand, the leader of China and so on all want the UK to stay in the EU- everyone benefits from it.”


BETTER IN? Adam is one of the many people who believe so.

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