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The Red Shed comes to The Arc

MARK Thomas has carved out an impressive comedy career.

The London-born comedian is known for pointing the finger at society and the people at the top of government and large corporations, and this November he is bringing his new show to The Arc in Stockton.

Mark Thomas outside The Red Shed

Mark Thomas outside The Red Shed

Mark is a political satirist, journalist, author, political activist and comedian. Bringing all these roles into one show which is billed as “an odd mix of theatre, stand up, activism, a dash of journalism and a dollop of mayhem.”

The Red Shed is named after the large (47 x 18 foot) socialist club in Wakefield, which is painted red.

This was where Mark, 52, began his career into comedy. Being a drama student at the nearby Bretton Hall college, The Red Shed was Marks first live performance.

The venue is now celebrating its 50th birthday and the show tells the story about Marks time at The Red Shed, the people he met there and the work it did to help the community who were struggling with the miners strike at the time.

But Mark did give a word of warning about his show; “If you are wanting a stand up show, this isn’t it. This is a theatre, stand up, it’s journalism. If you watch Dave more than¬†3 times a week, don’t come, it’s not for you. This show is something you have never seen before”.

The show has already won awards during its time at this years Fringe festival in Edinburgh from The Stage.

The Red Shed will be at The Arc in Stockton on 1st November, priced £16.



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