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American Football: Why get involved?

American Football is a game in which all shapes, sizes and ages can come together and be part of one team.

At Teesside University we have the Teesside Cougars captained by Harry Clark.

The game is not seen as popular here in England but university leagues are a large part of the growth of the sport.

There are currently four leagues in England, one of these being the university league.

Harry has played for the Cougars for three seasons and in his second season was moved to quarterback and was elected captain.

So what inspired him to join the cougars nearly three years ago.

He said: “I was inspired to join the team simply because when I came to university I fancied trying a new sport, and I’d played rugby for years so enjoyed contact sports so I just thought I’d give American football a try.

As well as the game being something new for most students Harry also makes the point that the sport is something anyone can be involved in.

The current squad involves 70 students showing that a range of people can come together as part of one team.

Harry said: “It’s a sport anyone can play, as there is a position for everyone.”

“‘I am really happy that the sport is growing, most universities now have a team and there are a number of senior teams that play in nationwide leagues.”

“I love playing the sport and I hope to continue for years after I leave university.”

Despite the growth of the sport it may still be overlooked by many students as it is new and something most people would not have been involved with before.

However, Harry believes this is the main reason for joining.

He said: “I would say the biggest appeal would be that for most people it’s something they have never done anything close to it before.”


Harry Clark in action for the Teesside Cougars last season.



The Teesside Cougars are always recruiting and have a Facebook page if you are interested in joining.


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