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Chinese Food ? Come to Teesside University

The Chinese Food Festival event has been held in Teesside University on 16th March 2017.

This event was held in student union in Teesside University, there were many Chinese Students attended this event and became cooks for selling Chinese food.

This event was held by Teesside Chinese Student and Scholar Association, the president YanCun Wang was attended this event, and he was one of the cooks.

Yangchun Wang is cooking :

“I am very delighted to attended this event, to let all the students in Teesside University to taste the Chinese food, this event is also telling the students about Chinese food culture.” YanCun,Wang said.

All the students in Teesside University  were welcomed, and there are many English students to come to have a Chinese food eating experience.

The Teesside University Chinese Union Association Michaela said this event not only attracted the  students in University , but also several Chinese restaurants which are around campus.

The Happy Villa Chinese restaurant boss MeiXian ,Gao Said : ” This is an absolutely  good event to show our Chinese food Culture to English students, and I am so delighted to see Chinese food are sold out!”

Meixian, Gao is attending

And also during the event, there a re some performances provided, such as dancing, singing, all the performances organised by the students from campus.


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