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Chinese students in Teesside University celebrate the Chinese new year 2017

How did Chinese students in Teesside University celebrate the Chinese new year?

Some ate in Newcastle or Manchester Chinatown, some visited relatives who live in Europe, even Terrace held Chinese new year event for Chinese students and had a buffet, lion dancers and performers.But most of Chinese students cooked by themselves and watched Spring Festival Gala on YouTube.

In Chinatown, it is the busiest time in China when it comes to the Chinese New Year. The drab streets were decorated with colorful colored lanterns.Chinese elements can be seen everywhere: Traditional Chinese lanterns, traditional costumes, cheong sam, traditional dishes, dumplings and so on

In Chinatown, people enjoy the festive atmosphere, taste a variety of food, there are many souvenirs and lion dance, dragon dance show.

At home, however, Chinese students begin to make dumplings to celebrate the new year in their homes. Zhang Yichao and the students together to make dumplings, dumplings are wrapped in gold ingot shape, indicating that the next year we will have good luck.

There are many kinds of dumplings, beef and cabbage and so on.

After eating, he went to the SU center of the school to watch the lion dance show. Zhang Yichao said, “everyone is very happy. Thank for our school pay attention to the Chinese New Year. Let the Chinese students be like here in their hometown.







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