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Double win for Teesside University students at Annual Media Award 2017

Final year film and television students Clare Kirkpatrick and Srijith Jalapathy, have had an amazing year in terms of awards, grabbing two Royal Televison society awards and taking three awards at Teesside University Annual Media and Screening Awards for the year 2017.

On Monday 25th may, Teesside University held their final degree screening of the year for the third year film and television students. 10-15 films get selected from the content produced by the students to show in the Arc at Stockton.

There was a vast array of content varying from experimental digital media to short films. The tutors gave their feedback in front of a live audience and the students get the chance to answer questions. Then there is an awards ceremony recognising outstanding achievements, many students went away with awards:

Best project: This went to Catherine Dowson and Judy kulpa, for there documentary ‘RUN’ about a polish Jew who had to run to save his life from the germans during WW2.

Best director: Srijith Jalapthy went away with this award, for his projects ‘Ruth’ and ‘Develop’ hard hitting stories and experimental skills.

Outstanding Achievement: This award went to Clare Kirkpatrick for her production design in a number of projects, Behind Forbidden doors’, ‘Bastille’ and ‘All saints 1898’.

Best Sound: Samuel Smith for his work on, Devleop’, ‘Ruth’, ‘Behind Forbidden Doors

Best Writing for the Screen: This went to Sam Kane for his hilarious script ‘Clyde’ a comedy about a old office worker who wants to stand up to his boss

Audience Award: Awarded to Srijith Jalapathy for his short film ‘Ruth’

Industry professionals Monkika Kasprzak and Christopher Lee where also invited along to give their critique on the short films giving some amazing feedback for the youngsters.

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