Easter Egg Roll – the English traditional culture festival activity

Many Chinese know about the English Traditional Festival Christmas, but they might have never heard about Easter Egg Roll on Easter.

The Easter Egg roll means the Easter is coming, this is a traditional English Festival which has since 60, 18 Century.

Easter Egg roll activity normally starts from 11:30am till 2:30pm, it is a popular activity for children, so the kids have their eggs from home, roll the eggs from hills.

The Preston committee Peter Rankin said the activity in this year was the most lively one from many times he attended.The Avenham park is opened for this activity to gather the kids and family spend happy time together.

The Representative of Preston council, Coun Salim Desai said :”This is a brilliant activity to gather the people who are from different backgrounds and communities.”

Except the traditional rolling the eggs, the children also attend another activities there such as :’Rabbit role playing’  and ‘Beauty Competition’. Also, There are many another small event around the Egg roll event, such as the singing performance by Gandini Jugling, and Ear Trumpets from Globbledegook theatre.

The girls are using tubes to listen the sounds of the eggs rolling on floors.


The girl is cuddling a chocolate egg and a rabbit.

Children are putting the eggs from the hill.

The sisters are attending the Egg Roll activities in Avenham Park.


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