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film review: Get Out

Film Review: GET out
Movie Title: GET out 
Director: Jordan Peele
Cast: Allison Williams, Daniel Kaluuya
Release date: 24/02/2017
Tside rating:  5 stars
GET OUT is a film full of satires on racial discrimination, but it is a thriller considering its storyline and could fairly be claimed to be one of the best horror films of this year.
This film was directed by Jordan Peele, the Peele of Key & Peele. The movie is about a black young man Chris who is in love with a white girl Rose. In order to have a further development for their relationship, they are planning to visit the parents of each other. First, ROSE invites his black boyfriend to spend the weekend in her parents’ home. Everything seems to be very normal. At first Chris hesitated。
because he feared that Rose’s parents might mind his color, but he relaxed soon after he found them do not have any discrimination. Everything rarely seems wrong, but Chris found the village is very strange from some details. The first is that all servant are black, black without emotions.
Step by step, Chris found more strange things and at last he realized there is a horrible plot hidden behind this meeting. What is waiting for him is a journey full of darkness and blood.
There are a lot of hair-raising details in the film, such as the deer, which was struck and killed on their way home at the beginning. Personally, I think the director used the deer as a metaphor for the blacks. In this film, the deer appeared for three times: The first time is when the deer was killed on their way home. I admire the director very much for leading to several key plots by just one detail.
The first key plot is that the childhood experiences made it’s impossible for Chris to hit and run (so when he hit Georgina afterward and he couldn’t leave her behind); the second is when a white policeman checks his ID.; the third one is the scene of Chris and the deer look at each other in the eyes for a long time.
The second time the deer appeared was when Rose and Chris talked about the deer they crashed on their way home, Rose’s dad said: damn deer. They deserved to die (careless) .It made Chris and the people who are watching the film quite uncomfortable. Because he subconsciously divided people into various grades and show his cold-bloodedness and ruthlessness to the low species. If we alternate the “deer” into “black” in his words, this would be a naked exclaim of the racist.
The white men in the movie are all hypocritical without exception, at this moment; the director reveals their disguise by the father’s attitude toward the deer. The third time when the deer emerged is when Chris was put into the basement. Through the eye contact between Chris and the dead deer hanging on the wall, did they see themselves in the easy of each other? At last, Chris used the deer antlers forked Rose’s father; this might be a kind of resistance to the racial discrimination.
In a word, it is a thriller movie worth watching. Although there is no ghost, or lots of sudden frights, it do brig a very depressed feeling to the audience. I highly recommend you to watch it in the cinema.


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