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Friends of Nature’s World & Boro Becks

Since the closure of the Nature’s World site in 2013, the carefully maintained garden and water features have gradually been overtaken by nature and lost their individual identity. The Friends of Natures World group were given permission in 2014 to rescue and revive these features back to their original condition.

Bob Mullen one of the volunteer from Stockton has been going to NAture’s World for almost 3 years. They work together with Middlesbrough Council where in the aim of opening back the nature’s world for public.

Volunteers from Boro Becks and Nature’s World tidy up the walk path around the garden.

The Friends of Nature’s World is a community group dedicated to reviving The Nature’s World green spaces and features. The group meets at the Nature’s World cafeteria at 10.00am and start cleaning everyone’s own garden till 1.00pm.

There are around 12-15 volunteers from Boro Becks and Nature’s World currently working together to clean the surrounding to save the nature’s world.

The 26 acre site is a mix of maintained areas and open woodland which includes a River Tees model, gardens such as the Japanese Garden, Cottage Garden, the Apothecary Garden and a permaculture Forest Garden.

” We asked Middlesbrough Council to allow us in to do some weeding and litter picking, and they were really good with us. We had about 15 volunteers, including children. It was absolutely pouring down, so for people to come in those conditions was absolutely amazing” added Bob.

For those interested in joining Nature’s World as volunteer, you can drop by Nature’s World on Thursday’s to speak to them.


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