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“Helping Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things” – Thrive Teesside

Over the past several years, Thrive has supported hundreds of low income and marginalized households through their partnership projects with Durham University Centre for Social Justice and Oxfam UK’s Poverty programme.

From facilitating a number of events and workshops, it is evident that there is lack of trust within the community and a lack of awareness of how to improve livelihoods. The involvement of the community is reliant upon elected residents and there are limited opportunities for people to develop relationships and add their knowledge and experience to develop positive initiatives that may improve livelihoods.

Thrive is an award winning organisation which was set up in 2007 with the help of Church Action on Poverty (CAP) and became a Charity in its own right in 2009. Thrive will ensure equality of opportunity to participate in meaningful activities that promote and build stronger communities with more active citizens working together to tackle their problems.

Its Charitable Objects are: ‘To tackle poverty and its effects in the Borough of Stockton-On-Tees and its districts’.

Thrive has three key outcomes:

* To build sustainable livelihoods

* To tackle poverty and the take action to address the impact poverty causes

* To tackle financial exclusion

Thrive has a reputation for being able to work with ‘difficult to reach’ communities and the issues that it focuses on have, and continue to be, determined by local communities.

Thrive has also evidenced an ability to recruit and retain community volunteers from the various projects it has delivered, providing them with an opportunity to offer peer support, facilitate member’s meetings, take action on identified issues and raise awareness of issues affecting people living in poverty.

“Helping Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things”  –  Thrive Teesside

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