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Hundreds turn up for Nike trainer launch

Hundreds of people turned up in London to try and get an opportunity to buy some limited edition trainers.

Some people from Middlesbrough travelled to the capital to take part in the event at the Nikelab store in Shoreditch to try and get their hands on one pair of Vlone trainers.

Only 2oo pairs were available and to get the chance of buying a pair people needed to get their hands on a special wristband.

People waiting at the Nikelab 1949 store in London


The event was organised through Instagram telling people where to go and at what time.

People where told to go to the Nike store to get a special wristband which would allow them to buy the trainers.


Some of the trainers people were after



Some people waited up to four days in the queue to try and get some of the trainers.

 200 pairs  of trainers were sold at the London event  this time despite over 1,000 people in the queue.


The wristbands needed to attend the event




Most people have to spend a lot of money buying the shoes now. One of the leaders of VLONE, A$AP Bari, also came to the scene that day, and was happy to take photos with a lot of fans.

Many lucky fans successfully obtained the autographed cards of A$AP Bari at that time when purchasing the shoes, which was quite an envious thing for many people.

Some sighed shoes at the event

VLONE team also painted a big V mark on the wall next to the nikelab 1948, representing their cooperation with Vlone. It can be said that although a lot of people could not go to the scene, they must be very excited to see that.




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