Mark Selby, the World Snooker Championship in 2017

UK time on 14th  April – 2nd May, 2017 . Snooker World Championships will be staged at the Sheffield Crucible Theatre in the UK. The world’s leading group, Ding Junhui, Fu Jiajun, Liang Wenbo, Xiao Guodong, Yan Jintao and Zhou Yuelong formed the largest Chinese leg in the history of the Chinese army, 32, People fight for the ultimate championship!

The first round will use 19 wins (9/10 two stages), the second and quarter finals of the game with 25 Bureau 13 wins (8/8/9 three stages), the semi-finals with 33 Board 17 (8/8/8/9 four stages), the final is 35 Bureau 18 wins (8/9/8/10 four stages).
On 3oth April 2017, Mark Selby VS John Higgins , the semi-final snooker competition in Sheffield, Ding JunHui fell into disused as 15: 17  by the Mark Selby, for the consecutive year, this is the fourth year he accessed the World Final  Championship , which is closer to Championship 2017.
John Higgins this year is the first year he accessed crucible theatre since 2011.This is  a snooker game between 70s vs 80s as well.
Meanwhile, it is also a game which is a final snooker competition of 18/35 schedule.
In this game, 33-year -old Selby was 4:10 behind of Higgins, but after he won 9 rounds out of 10. At the afternoon after the third stage of the game, he was 13:11 overtake Higgins.
After the fourth stage, as known as “the Leicester clown”, Selby continued to maintain his advantages , which expanded the score to 16 :12.
41year- old “Wizard” Higgins is not to be defeated. He caught up 3 councils and narrowed the gap to 15:16.At the 32nd council, Selby facing the huge pressure of Selby through a success of the “long arm attacking”, he got 131 marks, the points was 17:15.
The present of 2017 world snooker Championship.
The winner of this game  will  gain   375,000 pounds (about 3.34 million yuan) bonus, which is the history of the largest number of snooker prize money. Selby has been the world’s first row for up to 116 weeks, the victory to his world’s first position even more unshakable. He also became the fourth player in the history of the defending successor of the Cruise Fort Theater in Sheffield, the other three were Davis, Hendry and O’Sullivan.
Sellby  could not believe this  was true. He said: “I can not believe that I am still pinch my own to 4:10 behind, I told myself that you have nothing to lose, even if lost, at least to show a little fighting spirit I’m feeling better after playing again today.”
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