St. Patrick’s Day




St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17th every year, in honor of St. Patrick. The festival, which originated in Ireland in the late fifth Century, has now become Ireland’s national day.

As the Irish descendants all over the world, now, in some countries, St. Patrick’s day has gradually become a holiday. The United States began its celebration in March 17, 1737. The traditional color of St. Patrick’s Day is green.
Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. He used the Irish everywhere leaf shamrock, to explain the image of father, son and holy three-in-one.

With eloquent speech and all sorts of good deeds, he baptized the Irish and became a Catholic. The Catholic Church is still the national religion of Ireland. In March 17th 493, St. Patrick’s death, Irish people to commemorate him and make that day  called St. Patrick’s Day.



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