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super expensive shoes Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Beluga will re-release again ?

since  end of 2016  all sneaker fans hope one day that information become true is that Yeezy 350 Boost V2 “Beluga will re-release again

and then  today yeezy mafia give us a really good news for all sneaker staff  to confirmed that information.

the new information about that shoes and re-release data area

as everyone knows yeezy mafia are the most correct information group for super limited shoes ,and then  color information  we can easy to see that has some color change from GREY/ ORANGE/GREY to GREY/ BOLO ORANGE/DARK GREY, use gray for background to pay more orange color detail for new yeezy shoes and then add new element for backside of this shoes .

new impression drawing for this new yeezy ,to image any possible design for this shoes


yeezy mafia made 5 type of impression drawing for that , to display any possible design for that shoes ,but it has big  possibility to maintain old design and then join some new factor for backside .


the slight different between old black yeezy for re-release

some people who disagree with that color  in internet,yezzy mafia bring old yeezy shoes  example  to discuss with people who disagree with that .

the black yeezy from 2015 and 2016 ,just has slight different for that ,so which color should to really re-release again ? just waiting for them until October.



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