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Teesside Netball team collects bras and underwear for Smalls For All

The women’s netball team at Teesside University has collected unwanted bras for the charity Smalls for All.

TEESSIDE NETBALL: The girls proudly wearing their bras for the charity.

The charity was set up in 2010 by Maria McNamara. It started with people donating slightly worn bras and brand new underwear to women. The charity has an educational programme which provides schooling for over 350 children.

Women who don’t have underwear and bras cause health and hygiene problems and is seen as a status symbol. Having these items make these women less vulnerable and shows they aren’t on their own.

Amy Webb, chair of the netball team, said: “Teesside Netball got involved with the charity through their university netball officer who looked at the Smalls for All charity which led to promoting the charity through the club to find as many bras and underwear as possible.”

Every student struggles with money and maybe can’t give as much as they would like, Smalls for All is a charity everyone can get behind without having to spend too much money and still giving women a chance to live safely and comfortably.

Amy Webb added:  “As a female dominant sport, we understand the need of wearing bras and underwear. Although, to many of us, it is just a given to wear these items, it shows that supporting each other can come from simple things like underwear.”

SHOWING OUR SUPPORT: The girls proudly wearing their bras over their uniform

From a club that works together to develop themselves through sport, helping others by wearing something that we take for granted has been of key importance to the netball girls.

Girls from Middlesbrough understand the importance of having these necessities and providing that same luxury and comfort to others was something the netball girls jumped at the chance of doing.

Sending out bras are important to empower other women and girls that need this basic level of security to feel ‘human’.

Katie Mitchelhill said:  “Helping out by giving these children underwear will provide them with the privacy they need and also will stop them from missing school due to periods. Will help them get their confidence back as well!”

Without bras an underwear these girls feel vulnerable as they do not have a degree of physical security for their own bodies. Sending out bras are important to empower other women and girls that need this basic level of security to feel ‘human’.

Niketa Carpenter said:  “We asked the girls for bras which were slightly worn and not too tatty as well as new underwear for obvious hygiene reasons. The items required could be applicable to 3 year old children up to full term adult.”

Teesside University have really got behind this charity and helped gather these items, posting and sharing on social media, answering questions and helping with pictures.

Amy Webb said:  “Students can help by donating bras and underwear to Teesside university netball club on their training evenings in Olympia. Monday 7-9pm, Tuesday 7-9pm and Thursday 5-7pm.”

In total the netball team manage to secure 30 bras which will be sent to the charity and then onwards to the girls.

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