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The most authentic Chinese restaurant in Middlesbrough

HAPPY VILLA  is a Chinese restaurant , which has been operated for two years. It is one of the most

popular restaurants in Middlesbrough, especially among Chinese students. During the interview with the

owner and staff of the restaurant, the main question asked was ‘what made their restaurant success?’.

The owner’s reply was ‘We have a superb chef, who has been in this industry over twenty years and we

always provide good customer service.  Even though my restaurant has been opened for only  two years, I

have been working in this business over a decade.’


The owner provided a list of delicious and highly recommended Cantonese cuisines such as Roast duck and

crispy pork. ‘ We are not only selling roast duck dishes in our restaurant, a whole duck is also available,’ the

owner also said, ‘Especially on Sunday morning, as many as twenty roast ducks were sold’. In addition,

Chinese students really like our Cantonese dishes as they always tell me, our food is the authentic Chinese

restaurant in Middlesbrough, because it reminds them of home.’


Another popular recommendation from HAPPY VILLA is the hotpot: this is a classic Chinese dish.

It normally has a variety of  meat and vegetables cooked in a pot of  boiling water. In Chinese  tradition,

this method of cooking keeps food warm for longer during winter time and is also an easy way to enjoy a

meal. Because of this, it has become popular among young people today.Furthermore, the customers can

have a combination of two flavours of soup in one pot; by using the segmented bowl as seen in the picture.

The owner highly recommended the two-flavour hotpot so that customers with different tastes can share

this meal. This dish is provided as part of hotpot buffet for £17  for each person. There are four flavourings,

including clean soup, tomato soup, spicy soup and two-flavour soup. The meats serving with beef rolls,

lamb rolls, prawns, mussels and the other four kinds of meats.  To accompany this meal, there are three

kinds of noodles which can be chosen, and fourteen kinds of vegetables such as spinach, bean sprout,

potatoes etc.


They also provide ‘special lunch’ and ‘special dinner’ menus. These special deals include set meals, which

come with starters, main courses and side dishes. They are priced at £6.9 5 for lunch and £8.95 for dinner.

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