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Volunteers create vegetable patch to support local community

The Boro Becks and Nature’s World action volunteers aims to support local community by creating vegetable patch. They had plant potatoes in a small patch at Nature’s World recently.

Usually it will take 10 weeks to grow and they can collect 2kg of potatoes from that square patch. After collecting all the potatoes, they will deliver around the local community or share among the volunteers who are helping at Nature’s World.

The fresh dug, earthy taste of own grown potatoes are always the best. Growing own potatoes is not as complicated as everyone thinks, especially when it grows in an open area.

Besides that, there are various kind of vegetables and fruits can be plucked from the gardens during spring and summer.

Norman added ”Boro Becks still looking for more volunteers to save the greens and help the community. There are a lot of areas need to be cleared and plant more vegetable to support them”.


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