What is Digital? and what does it mean for the Tees Valley region

‘Digital is everything’ was one of messages communicated by DigitalCity at their recent networking event.

The question on everyone’s mind, is what is ‘Digital’ and what does this mean?

At the moment we are all like small fish in a big pond, trying to figure out what this means and where it is heading.

Digital is undergoing a radical change, digital is everything….everywhere and is only going to increase year on year. If you are electronically dependent now, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Middlesbrough’s Boho zone is the flagship building for DigitalCity businesses and the commercial quarter for digital media, digital technology and the creative sectors.

We asked a few of the businesses within Boho, what digital means to them

Danielle Bloom, Director at Calm Digital said,

“For me it’s all about technology, engaging with businesses online and a new way of doing business”

Joanna Wake, Managing Director, RAW Digital Training said,

“It is about using technology that is usually a quicker, faster, smarter and efficient way of doing something”

The Tees Valley region is striving towards becoming one of the most vibrant digital hubs in the UK with Middlesbrough and Stockton ranked 16 in a list of the UK’s digital hotspots by the National Institute of Economic and Social Research.

Joanna Wake from RAW, works with local businesses on all things digital and is a strong advocate for the region,

“The digital community within the Tees Valley region has a really nice tight knit team working culture to it. It’s a wonderful place to work”

All the businesses expressed the importance of digital and how every business needs to adapt in order to progress within a competitive marketplace.

Kate Baucherel from Galia Digital hit the nail on the head by saying,

There is very little that you can see within life that is not touched by something digital, whether it’s designing your clothes, whether it’s communicating with family, whether it’s being able to send in your meter readings, or sign contracts online. It’s a simply part of life now”

Included within the regions development plan, the Digital Strategy Board was created to work alongside the combined authority. The aim of the Board will be to help strengthen the digital cluster and develop digital skills within the Tees Valley region.

The digital sector is growing, there is not necessarily a direct route but one thing is for sure, every organisation will require digital training, digital skills, digital software and digital technology to drive their business forward.

“Digital is everything and digital is the future”

The Tees Valley region is thriving, there are some amazing services and digital opportunities available to students, particularly for women looking to set up their own business within the digital sector.

DigitalCity offer grants and business support and the Teesside Launchpad offers an entrepreneurial community, a space to meet, innovate and learn. They also offer an eight week graduate programme called FUEL that supports graduates of Teesside University who are in the early stages of developing a business idea.

For more information about Launchpad FUEL, visit:

For more information about DigitalCity, visit:


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