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Middlesbrough bar goes Stateside

A taste of America has arrived in Middlesbrough.

An American style sports bar, Mavericks,  has recently opened and the owner is offering something the town has never seen before. 

Located on Linthorpe Road, Mavericks Sports Bar offers live sport, free pool, a jukebox and alcohol of course.

 Owner  Mike Hawkins opened the bar late last year and it has remained a hidden gem in the town.


He said: “It’s one of those places where you can come in with a group of people and enjoy yourself, have a laugh, play some pool, watch some telly, have a few drinks and outright enjoy it.”

“There were three of us who put our heads together, we were trying to figure out what we were going to do.”

Mike and his friends wanted to emulate the American sports bar experience.

Mike said: “I’ve been to America a couple of times now and I’ve been in all of the big sports bars there, liking all sorts of sports helps as well.”

“We decided that this is what we should do and that we should bring this to Middlesbrough because it’s something that’s lacking in the town.”

Owner Mike Hawkins pulls a pint at Mavericks.

Mavericks is an ideal bar for students too, located a stone’s throw away from the Campus Heart.

Mike said: “Initially when we took this building on we were saying that it’s a massive student town. Teesside University is one of the best in the country.”

“We’ve got halls just there, there’s new ones getting built literally four-five streets back, all over there’s student accommodation. So y’know there’s a big market for the students in here.

“This is why we wanted to do things like free pool and darts where they don’t have to spend any money on either of them.”

The bar has lots to offer.

With the Easter Bank Holiday coming up, Mavericks has a lot of events planned that students should definitely get involved in.

Mike said: “We’ve got a massive weekend planned for the bank holiday. Friday we’ve got the Middlesbrough v Wolves game that starts at half past five.”

“After the game, we’ve got an indie band starting at 8 o’clock, we just pop the lights down give it a different kind of atmosphere.

“We put bands on the last Friday of every month, the indie band that on are called The Season – they’re brilliant. They do all your Oasis and Manic Street Preachers and The Verve and things like that and I think that’s a lot of our crowd.”

You can play pool; table football or darts at Mavericks.

People can also look forward to watching the Anthony Joshua V Joseph Parker fight within the Mavericks atmosphere on the March 31.

Mike said: “For the fight we’re doing a little sort of deal with people who come in early so if you’re in before 8 o’clock you get a wristband which every time you come and buy a pint you get a free shot with it.

FIFA players test your skills on April 1 with a FIFA tournament.

Mike said: “ I’ve had about 200 hits on it so far and it’s just a FIFA tournament.”

There’s a £50 bar tab for the winner but we’ve got Xbox and Playstation on the telly and it’s just going to be a luck of the draw really.

Looking to the future, Mavericks has big things planned with the Haye V Bellew fight and The World Cup.

For more information go to Mavericks Sports Bar’s Facebook page.


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