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North East Hip-Hop Up Close

HIP-HOP descended on Darlington at an event which featured a whole host of some the North East’s best rappers.

The event, hosted at Darlington’s Hole in the Wall, featured artists such as 90BRO, Max Gavins, and Endem with Middlesbrough artist Shakk relaunching his career after a three-year hiatus.

For more information about the event check out the video below.

The night was kicked off with a performance by E-Mence exciting the tightly packed 75 strong audience into bubbling cauldron of enthusiasm.



However, that seemed meek compared to the electricity that you could feel from the crowd when Shakk blew off the cobwebs get his career back on track. The three-year hiatus barely showed with Shakk producing some insightful lyrics calling into question the success of the Government’s policy of austerity. The Boro artist stole the show with filthy beats while covering a range of themes relating to his up-bringing in Middlesbrough.

Shakk said: “I’m inspired by every aspect of my up-bringing; it’s what makes me, me.”

Check out below to see if the North East accent is a barrier.

The event displayed that the North East has a rich depth of hip-hop/musical talent. What was also a pleasure to see was the camaraderie on display between the artists. Knocking any expectations of getting some so-called ‘beef’ at the event. The artist’s work with each other seeing it as their task to promote North East hip-hop. They realise that they are a community of artist’s all sharing the North East brand and what benefits one benefits all.

With so much talent in the North East we wanted to know who the artists themselves were listening to.

90BRO said: “It’s all about getting the word out right now… I’m giving out the cheat codes, it’s so easy man.”

It was clear from one night in Darlington that North East hip-hop is only going from strength to strength. With young budding artists such as 90BRO and Shakk following on from trailblazer Rick Fury North East hip-hop is on the up.

To see when YDT caught up with the North East hip-hop scene.

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