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The Importance Of Football In The North East

FOOTBALL is the life and soul of the North East. You can’t go 15 minutes without someone in the office mentioning did you see the game last night. But why has the beautiful game infected the life supply of the North East so much?

The love of football stems from the North East’s deeply established working class roots. In the past as well as the present it offers fans the chance to escape their own realities.

In the past that was the miners from Sunderland drawing coal from the very mines upon which the Stadium of Light is now built upon. And now is no different, it is a proven fact that when teams in these towns win productivity in the town is increased.

James Copley of the Roker Reporter, a Sunderland fan site, talked about how Sunderland has a different feel to it after a win.



Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough football club all have a special relationship with their respective fans. Understanding this relationship has allowed the clubs to grow to become vital to their respective towns.

YDT caught up with fans from three main professional clubs Newcastle, Sunderland and Middlesbrough. Check out below.

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